How to Start a Basic Beauty Blog With Blogger for Free

Do you love makeup or fashion? Are you passionate about outfits and new looks? Why not start your very own beauty blog? This is a straight to the point no nonsense step-by-step beginner’s guide towards starting your first beauty blog for free or at little to no cost.

Step 1: Opening an account with Blogger(dot)com

There are many places where you can publish your own blogs like Facebook or WordPress. But not all of them have a website feel and some of them require you to purchase web hosting. Blogger has a lot of nifty features and you can avail their service for free. So let’s start with Blogger.

- Visit

- Sign in with your Google account

- Enter a display name

- Accept Bloggers TOS (terms of service)

- Click on “Create a blog”

Now it’s time to choose a URL (otherwise known as a web address). You can either pick a URL with keywords such as “makeup”, “eye-shadow” and “beauty” or you can use your name or username like “MichellePhan” or “M-Phan-Beauty”. User names may suit your personality while keywords may help you rank faster on search engines (i.e. Google).

Go ahead and pick one of the blog templates from the options that Blogger gives you but keep in mind that the design will only be a temporary one if you choose to upgrade your blog later.

Step 2: Filling in the details

- Fill out your personal profile

- Add a “Join my site” widget by going to -> Click on your blog ->Click on layout -> Click on “Add Gadget” -> Click on Followers -> Click “Save”

- Add a “Follow by Email” widget by following the step directly above.

- Add a “Blog Archive” by following the steps above.

You now have yourself your very first beauty blog in its most basic form. Congratulations!


When you sign up for Blogger you get a.blogspot domain name by default. This may make it harder for your blog to rank well in search engines and it doesn’t look as good as “custom domains”. YourWebAddress(dot)com is a good example of a custom domain while YourWebAddress(dot) is along the lines of what Blogger gives away for free.